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Basel 22 April, 2021

Dear Friends:

Greetings from Switzerland in a chilly Springtime. I hope you are well, and that God is showing His Grace to you in special ways during this continuing time of Covid 19 plague.

Not much missionary travel news to tell, except one visit in Germany to preach and another to Swiss L’Abri to teach in their “Theme Weekend”. I have made commitments to travel to Hungary and Latvia, but the dates depend on Covid restrictions. Locally, I have been teaching, preaching, and counselling online, which is much better than nothing.

The Spirituality book is moving. The editor is very busy, but we have polished two chapters out of eight of the latest draft and are determined to finish it.

The Friday Bible Study has taken off. It is now called the Friday Bible Investigation – FBI. The participants are called Agents. Special agents bring cookies. With restrictions we are 6-8 people in the room with some joining online, even from France and Nigeria. We have been studying Genesis and are starting Chapter 6 tomorrow. If the FBI grows we might need to rent a room for it.

The monthly Sunday evening discussion group in Biel started up again last week and we hope to meet regularly in the future.

People in the Church in Lausanne have continued loving and caring for each other in good ways, even with the restrictions. The Church in Basel meets regularly again with new people coming. I am doing a series of sermons on I John and hope to start Colossians soon.

Antonio is constantly working to improve and add to the YouTube Channel and website.  See the links below.  The YouTube Channel has 217 subscribers now.  It is not a big number but each one counts.  One of Pastor Potter’s Points get posted on Facebook each day.  69 are written for volume two.  The goal of 100 seems far away but I am not giving up.  Thank you for praying for these various projects.

A professional actor friend in London has started recording an audio version of “The Cloud of Knowing”. I am confident he will do a very fine reading but we’re not sure about all the technical issues involved in producing the book and getting it on distribution platforms.

On Saturday I should get the first Covid vaccine, with the second one coming a month later. I am not anxious about getting this but it is needed for travel.

Thank you for your prayers, friendship, encouragement, and financial support. God bless and keep you.

Much love in Jesus,


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