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Basel 15 September, 2023

Dear Friends:


“Comprehensive Spirituality” is newly available on Amazon. This is the final volume to be incorporated into a Trilogy of “3 Theories of Everything”, “How Do You Know That?” and “Comprehensive Spirituality”.

Spiritual = Totally Real

Spirituality isn’t part of your life. It is your whole life.

If we grow spiritually, what would that look like? Do we become more transcendent and less visible? Is an awareness of and participation in the supernatural all that is involved in spiritual growth? This book explores the spiritual nature of people as originally created by God and the spirituality of the resurrected Christ. It helps people to understand the Lordship of Christ over all of life.

Get some for you and your friends and leave a comment on Amazon.

Comprehensive Spirituality on Amazon

God bless you.

Much love in Jesus,


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