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Basel 29 September, 2022

Dear Friends:

Greetings again after nine months of relative silence. I hope you are all well and glad to be out of the Covid restrictions.

We are doing well here. Antonio continues to be a great support for me. I might have experienced a miracle. My dermatologist found a cancerous growth on my forehead and scheduled a surgery for me. When I went to the surgeon two weeks later, he said it had healed itself and sent me away. I am thankful.

As a great surprise to me, I recently published a book of poetry (Haiku) and proverbs called “Glances”. It is a hard back, slip covered volume of 135 pages, suitable as a gift. Ben Stone made the book possible with his illustrations and layout. Available on Amazon.

Several people have responded with useful comments, corrections and questions to a draft of a book on Spirituality. We are hoping to finish it soon, publish it and then combine it with “3 Theories of Everything” and “How Do You Know That?” as a Trilogy.

The FBI (Friday Bible Investigation) goes along very well. We are 5-8 people in the room and 6-10 people online for most meetings. We have Agents in India, Germany, Poland, Nigeria, Switzerland and the USA. A few weeks ago an Agent was baptized at an FBI gathering in the garden. She will also have a baby soon. The other Agents are acting like aunts and uncles. You are welcome to visit the FBI.

After not travelling much outside of Switzerland because of Covid, I am planning a visit to English L’Abri in November. Two lectures are scheduled for Inter Varsity groups at Swiss Universities this Autumn.

We continue to video weekly sermons for posting on YouTube. The studies on Philippians recently ended and we have begun Ephesians. I continue to go to Lausanne to preach twice a month. We are finishing a series of sermons on Galatians soon. The building we meet in is being remodeled and we have been through some changes. I continue to write a daily letter to the Church. You can receive it if you like.

My regular income does not meet my expenses, but, by God’s Grace, other funds come in. Thank you very much to those of you who participate in this.

God bless and keep you all.

Much love in Jesus,


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