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Apologetic Considerations

Apologetic Considerations

1. Don't be prejudiced or ridiculing. Don't expect to agree or disagree.

2. Ask many questions. Encourage straight and adequate answers.

3. Do't allow pragmatic ethical considerations and moral absolute considerations to be separated from each other in the discussion.

4. Don't be swept away by experiences or phenomena (levitation, sensations, speaking in tongues, healing, mind reading, etc.)

5. Take time and care to have the same meaning for terms (Lord, God, good, love, rights, tolerance, faith, worship, spiritual, etc.)

6. Encourage consistency and continuity of categories throughout the discussion and from day to day. (Spirit, love, God, man, meaning, etc.)

7. Look for both Verifiability and Falsifiability in worldview claims.

8. Do not answer questions that have not been asked, but help people to find and articulate their questions.

9. Never say "yes" for the sake of niceness.

10. Expect ideas to correspond to reality as a whole in the conscious waking state.

11. Include both Objectivity and Subjectivity in the discussion.

12. Carry ideas to their ultimate logical conclusions and consequences. (If people are good then there is no way to judge Hitler.)

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