Ellis Potter

Ellis Potter is a Christian minister, counsellor and teacher. He worked for many years with Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland and was the pastor of the Basel Christian Fellowship for ten years. With his wife, Mary, he founded Eastern Europe Renewal (EER), an evangelical mission to Central and Eastern European countries.

Mr Potter, a native Californian now residing in Switzerland, is a former Buddhist monk who became a Christian under the influence and ministry of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Mr Potter's dramatic conversion came about as a direct result of several intense, personal discussions with Dr. Schaeffer during the turbulent seventies.

After his conversion in 1976, Mr Potter worked on the staff of L'Abri Fellowship until 1991. L'Abri Fellowship is an evangelical residential study community, founded by Dr. Schaeffer. Students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities come to the various branches of the fellowship for reasons as diverse as the students themselves. At L'Abri, all questions are treated seriously and with respect, and Biblical answers to life's complexities are offered. As a worker in L'Abri, Mr Potter counseled, lectured, taught and encouraged hundreds of students from all over the world. He has traveled extensively on all five continents for teaching and preaching in churches, camps, conferences and universities.

Mr Potter's unique background includes music and the arts, theology and philosophy. This qualifies him to lecture on a variety of subjects including the relevance of Christianity to the arts and modern philosophical and social movements. He often lectures on a comparison of Biblical and other world views, seeking to establish the clear truth of God's Word, and to encourage people's trust in it.

Ten years as a pastor of a Church in Basel, Switzerland, added much to Mr Potter's experience and skills in counselling, preaching and teaching. He is now working as an independent missionary based in Basel and directing most of his attention and energies eastward to the newly free and developing nations of Central and Eastern Europe. He is often invited to lead conferences and workshops in various countries and is very comfortable working with translators.

To contact Ellis please use the following email address: ellispotter@live.com

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